HD Brows/ High Definition

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HD Brows is a revolutionary treatment that has been taking the market by storm, since 2008. Launched by Nilam Patel – the eyebrow queen, this was the first to offer a branded eyebrow shaping treatment and education.

The HD Brows ethos is to provide an ‘experience’ rather than just an individual treatment and aims to deliver the long-term goals of the client.

HD Brows is an experience that can only be carried out by an official HD Brows stylist. The treatment starts with an in-depth consultation.

By assessing your face shape, skin tone and colouring a unique brow is created. The treatment uses a range of tinting, waxing and threading techniques to create your tailored brow shape and colour.

Developing a personalised brow shape is the most difficult technique to master, but after thorough training devised by Nilam Patel, the revolutionary treatment will create a bespoke tailored shape to suit you, the client.

HD Brows, also known as High Definition was launched in 2008 and continues to be the leading brow shaping treatment in the market. Fellow professionals love HD brows and celebrities make them the brand of choice for anyone looking for the ‘perfect brow’.

HD Brows have revolutionised the way eyebrows are treated and you too can be a part of the HD brows movement… book your experience today!