What aftercare is required for Jessica GELeration?

In order to keep your GELeration lasting as long as possible, please take care:

  • Use gloves when washing up your doing housework
  • Do not use your nails as tools to open things – treat them with care – if you break the seal of the gel polish, it will start to lift and peel
  • Avoid products with lanolin or mineral oils – as this will decrease the life of the gel polish e.g. sun creams, try to wash/wipe the cream off your nail area after application
  • Use Phenomen oil – or cuticle oil at least twice a day
  • If your nails start to peel or lift – avoid the temptation to pick off the rest as this will damage the nail – please return to sk-ncept to fix the situation
  • Avoid filing the nail at home as this will break the seal and reduce the longevity of the gel polish.