What can I expect from Nouveau Lash Enhance/LVL?

Nouveau Lash Enhance/LVL is not like the old type of eyelash perming where rods were used; your lashes are wrapped around, making your lashes smaller and curling back on themselves and often with frizzy ends. This treatment lifts and straightens giving you an amazing open-eyed glam look with thicker and longer looking lashes – WOW appeal immediately.

The Nouveau Lash Enhance/LVL lash treatment uses silicone shields are used and the lashes are temporarily bonded onto the shields lifting the lashes from the roots. The silicone shields come in different sizes to accommodate different lash lengths.

The formula is then applied to the central area of the lashes to lift your natural lash; then re-set into a new volumised position. Finally a dark tint is applied to give the lashes a fuller look and then a conditioner is added at the last step.