body waxing treatments

Using a range of Australian Bodycare products to help you make your treatment as ‘bearable’ as possible!

Australian Bodycare Hy-Wax system contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural essential oil known for its natural antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Its individual dispensing heads are used for each customer avoiding cross infection.

The Sine hot wax is the ideal choice for short, coarse or problem hair and is also good for facial waxing treatments.

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forearm 20 mins £15.00
full arm 30 mins £20.00
half leg 30 mins £18.00
full leg 45 mins £25.00
underarm 20 mins £12.00
underarm with hot wax 25 mins £15.00
standard bikini 30 mins £15.00
standard bikini with hot wax 35 mins £16.00
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