post lockdown waitlist

avoid disappointment and get on my waitlist for when I open

There’s not been a date yet when the government has told me when I can open – yes the 4th July has been banded around but this has not been confirmed. I have created a waitlist so that you can let me know what treatments you would like and when I have a date I can book you in.

Please note any booking that were made from the 23rd March and were not cancelled get first priority!


your list of treatments

Here is a latest list of my treatments and prices. You can click on the name of most of these treatments to find out more information.

Treatment ListCategoryDuration (mins)RRPPrice
HD Brows Patch TestHD Brows5£-  FREE
High Definition Brows/HD Brows – OFFERHD Brows30£30.00£25.00
HD Brows Shape & TintHD Brows20£-  £20.00
Eyebrow tint – NEWHD Brows10£-  £15.00
Microblading – PMU Brows ConsultationMicroblading/PMU30£-  £-  
Microblading – PMU Brows Treatment – OFFERMicroblading/PMU180£349.00£249.00
Microblading – PMU Brows Top UpMicroblading/PMU120£-  £-  
Microblading – PMU Annual Colour Boost – 18 months+Microblading/PMU120£-  £199.00
Microblading – PMU Annual Colour Boost – 12-18 monthsMicroblading/PMU120£-  £149.00
Microblading – PMU Annual Colour Boost – 9-12 monthsMicroblading/PMU120£-  £99.00
LVL Lashes – Patch TestNouveau Lashes – Enhance/LVL5£-  FREE
LVL Lashes – Colour Boost Top & Bottom Lashes – OFFERNouveau Lashes – Enhance/LVL75£50.00£45.00
Lash tint – NEWNouveau Lashes – Enhance/LVL15£-  £20.00
Beautylicious Boosters – Hand Massage with LVL – NEWNouveau Lashes – Enhance/LVL0£-  FREE
Beautylicious Boosters – Foot Massage with LVL – NEWNouveau Lashes – Enhance/LVL0£-  FREE
Beautylicious Boosters – Head Massage with LVL – NEWNouveau Lashes – Enhance/LVL0£-  FREE
Beautylicious Boosters – Ice Globes Mini Facial with LVL – NEWNouveau Lashes – Enhance/LVL10£-  £15.00
Aromatherapy Massage – Back, Neck, ShoulderMassage45£-  £45.00
Aromatherapy Massage – Full BodyMassage60£-  £60.00
Aromatherapy Massage – Fully Body Inc. FaceMassage75£-  £75.00
Gel/Classic ManicureNails60£-  £30.00
Extended Gel/Classic Pedicure – NEWNails75£-  £40.00
Gel RemovalNails30£-  £15.00
lip waxWaxing15£-  £10.00
chin waxWaxing15£-  £15.00
eyebrow shapeWaxing15£-  £15.00
Lava Shell Relax – Back & ShouldersLava Shell Massage30£-  £40.00
Lava Shell Relax – Full BodyLava Shell Massage60£-  £60.00
Pro Power Peel Consultation & Patch Test – NEWDermalogica Pro Power Peel20£-  FREE
Pro Power Peel 30 – NEWDermalogica Pro Power Peel30£70.00£50.00
Pro Power Peel 60 – NEWDermalogica Pro Power Peel60£120.00£75.00
CACI 15 minute DemonstrationCACI SYNERGY facials15£-  £-  
1 Session – CACI SYNERGY facial – OFFERCACI SYNERGY facials90£100.00£80.00
1 Session – CACI Deluxe Facial – OFFERCACI SYNERGY facials75£75.00£60.00
1 Session – CACI Signature Facial – OFFERCACI SYNERGY facials60£60.00£50.00
1 Session – CACI Eye ReviveCACI SYNERGY facials30£-  £35.00
1 Session – CACI Targeted Treatments – NEWCACI SYNERGY facials20£-  £20.00
Dermaplaning Treatment with hydrating maskDermaplaning60£-  £40.00
Beautyliciious Booster – Ice Globes with DermaplaningDermaplaning5£-  FREE
Million Dollar Facial – NEW – OFFER- 1 MONTH ONLYMillion Dollar Facials60£100.00£50.00
Million Dollar Male – NEW – OFFER   1 MONTH ONLYMillion Dollar Facials60£100.00£50.00
Million Dollar Miracle Mask + Dermaplane- NEW – OFFER 1 MONTH ONLYMillion Dollar Facials60£50.00£50.00
Mini Million Dollar Facial – NEW – OFFER 1 MONTH ONLYMillion Dollar Facials45£40.00£25.00
Glow Facial + Gel Mani = FREE mask – NEW- LTD TIME ONLYBeautylicious Bundles120£80.00£80.00
Gel mani + Gel Pedi = FREE masks – NEW-   LTD TIME ONLYBeautylicious Bundles135£70.00£70.00
LVL Lashes + HD Brows = FREE mini mani – NEW- LTD TIME ONLYBeautylicious Bundles105£70.00£70.00
Gel Mani + HD Shape & Tint = FREE mask – NEW- LTD TIME ONLYBeautylicious Bundles80£50.00£50.00

terms and conditions

  1. beautylicious bundles are available for a limited time – date yet to be defined once I know when we can open.
  2. Patch tests must be competed at least 48 hours in advance for brow and lvl treatments.
  3. Changes to and / or cancellations to individual appointments require at least 24 hours notice, otherwise a charge equal to 50% or more of the treatment fees may be levied.
  4. Missed appointments will be charged at full price.
  5. Bookings will require a payment of a 50% deposit.


36 Station Road, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5EY  m: +447921808968  t: +441403563347

opening times

Monday:10am – 8pm

Tuesday:10am – 8pm

Wednesday:10am – 8pm

Thursday:10am – 8pm

Friday:10am – 6pm

Saturday:10am – 6pm

Sunday: Please ring to check availability of appointments.



parking info

Monday - Saturday - After 10am You can park in a marked bay all day.

Monday - Saturday - Before 10am Visitors' permit - just pop in and pick one up.

Monday - Saturday - Between 5pm and 9am You can park on single yellow lines.

Bedford Pub Car Park - Every Day Pay and Display Car Park - they are very strict!

Horsham Station Car Park - Pay and Display.